Lead Designer (UI/UX & Branding) - Contract Role

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Want to be the (part-time/contract) Lead Designer for one of the most innovative digital marketing companies?

Growth Tools is the software suite every website should be using.

Growth Tools helps online businesses grow their website traffic, get more email subscribers and build sales funnels that work. We have 35,425 daily users and are partners with Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Speaker Lab and Michael Hyatt.

We're looking to grow the company and we need you to help us get there.

We believe in building amazing marketing tools, working on fun projects and living balanced lives. (You can have a life and enjoy your work!)

Your design work will focus on 3 core areas:

1. Brand and Logo Creation

Every quarter we create a new SaaS product. You will be in charge of creating the logo, color palette and "brand" for each new tool.

Here are a few of the tools we’ve made:

https://welcome.ly (launched in August ‘18)

https://wanttogoviral.com (launched in March '18)

https://listgoal.com (launched in February '18)

https://remindthem.com (launched in January '18)

2. UI/UX Design of Each New Growth Tool

Every new tool we create has 5 to 6 primary in-app screens and 15-20 secondary screens/pop-ups and menus. While we have an extensive collection of "best practices" set from our existing software suite, you will be responsible for designing each new tool's UI.

You'll work closely with our CEO and Lead Engineer to create wireframes and user flows. Then you will turn these into the pixel-perfect designs that our engineering team will bring to life.

If you like working on new projects, creating new brands and seeing tools come to life on a regular basis - this is your dream job.

3. Marketing Resources

Along with our Growth Tool builds we have several other brands and project that we manage. You will be a key piece of each of these projects and responsible for collaborating on new website designs, new brand builds and marketing collateral (like eBook and paid ad media).



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