Hiring Manager

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Want to be the Hiring Manager for one of the most innovative digital marketing companies?

Growth Tools is the software suite every website should be using.

Growth Tools helps online businesses grow their website traffic, get more email subscribers and build sales funnels that work. We have 35,425 daily users and are partners with Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Speaker Lab and Michael Hyatt.

We're looking to grow the company and we need you to help us get there.

We believe in building amazing marketing tools, working on fun projects and living balanced lives. (You can have a life and enjoy your work!)

Your role will focus on 3 core areas:

1. Sourcing

You will be working with me, the Founder, to identify job openings, define the scorecard for that position and write the job description. You will work to get 200+ applicants for each role that is open and hiring.

You know that the higher the number of quality candidates that enter the hiring process the better the chance we have to find a world class fit and talent for the position.

2. Screening

You follow the topgrading (A Method) for hiring. You are able to process each candidate that applies, develop our internal processes, and quickly screen to find the best fits and most talented applicants.

3. Selling

Once you identify the best fits and most talented applicants, you are masterful at selling them on accepting the position and positioning them to onboard to the team smoothly.

How will we work together?

We talk for 1 hour about what’s needed at a certain position. Then you create the internal job scorecard, irresistible external job description and draft our screening process. We have a 30-minute re-sync to review, and then the Hiring Manager runs forward with sourcing at least 100 candidates and screening down to the best 3 based on demo projects and screening against the scorecard. Those final 3 candidates should impress both you and me. After that, you prep an interview packet for me. I review it to get up to speed on the candidates and I have a 1.5 hour face-to-face with final 3 candidates. Then I make my recommendation to you and you sell the candidate on the job and get a commitment from our top choice. This happens in < 60 days for most positions.



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