Inside Sales Representative- High Ticket Digital Marketing

Telecommute · Antioch, Tennessee, United States · Sales


Want to be on the team whose mission is to drive $100,000,000 of revenue into their client’s company’s?

We believe in building amazing marketing tools, delivering transformational programs, working on fun projects and….actually living balanced lives.


100 million people in the United States are doing work they are disengaged with. All of those people have kids, nieces and nephews who are watching them. And most of them will grow up to do the same thing: dreading every Monday, following the same routine and showing up each morning to do work they don't love.

The problem with that is...

Many of those kids are destined to grow up and become great leaders and solve great problems like curing cancer, fixing global warming and making the world a better place to live. But they won't. Instead they'll become accountants because that's what dad did.

What if that was different?

Instead of growing up watching the adults they look up to doing stuff they hate, what if they saw that there was a different way to do things. What if they saw them becoming programmers, writers, inventors and taking their ideas and turning them into things that help people? What if they saw the adults in their lives, excited, engaged, living fully alive? What gigantic problems could we solve then? How much better would your life and my life be?

This is why Growth Tool's exists.

We help people, who solve problems, realize their business potential so then can live fully engaged lives that inspire.

We are a Marketing Education and Software Company that helps entrepreneurs, online creators and small businesses maximize their success through our Growth University Program and Growth Tools software suite.

We need you to achieve our mission and to help more entrepreneurs achieve theirs. Reporting directly to the Founder, your #1 objective is to close 25-30, highly qualified, high ticket, sales leads per month- following a proven, converting script.

No Cold Calling, High Pressure Tactics or Commission Breath- helping interested, ambitious Entrepreneurs discover the path to their business freedom!

Yes… can have a life, make an impact AND love your work!




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